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Kelly Madison hunts a dragon and she fucks it


And we keep going on with more porn, this time we can even learn things with Kelly Madison while we smash our dick, this MILF is quite horny and she shows us while naked how to hunt a dragon and what to do so he doesn’t eat you. This horny MILF goes to the fields looking for a good dragon to hunt, and she makes it, it seems like what you need to hunt a dragon is a great pair of tits and a wet pussy so he gets distracted. That is so he doesn’t eat you and Kelly Madison has big tits and a great pussy, so he fucks this dragon.

But before fucking him, she gets him horny making him quite the blowjob, and this dragon just lays on the ground without being able to move, once she ends the blowjob she rides him and this docile dragon cums inside the pussy of Kelly Madison, the whore that knows how to tame the fiercest beasts on the planet.