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Lucia Wilde is jailed for selling her body


If you love big tits, here you have a good pair, the ones Lucia Wilde enjoys of. This slut has been arrested for fucking a guy in exchange for money, and now she’s in jail. She has good luck though, cause the police in charge of looking at her won’t stop looking with a horny glance, and trying to seduce Lucia. This slut decides to get frisky, by getting naked a little by little to show her the massive tits she has been blessed with. Those tits won’t even fit between the bars of the cell, and that police won’t think about it twice before taking her out of there.

Lucia Wilde accomplishes her objective of getting out of the cell, but just to fuck the brains out of the blonde police chick. Lucia ends eating her pussy so they both get horny, and after that she fingers her so she has a good orgasm. I’m sure that police will take Lucia Wilde home so she can end what has begun in the police station.