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Mature man makes his first casting | HD


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today we have with us a mature gay man that wants to get on the world of gay porn. He’s quite old, but possesses an splendid body for its age. He takes care of it, he does sports and he has a cock that more than one would like to suck. Here’s doing his first porn tryout for a gay porn scene, where he’ll meet a vigorous and handsome young guy that will fuck him.

In this scene he won’t seduce anyone, he’ll have to offers his ass, so the stranger that fucks him in the casting is happy, that’s why he blowjobs him and later he lets the other stud do whatever he wants with him. This mature man is happy by the fact that he’s begin used as an object, because the cock he has in front of him is pretty big, and it almost doesn’t fit in his mouth, but that doesn’t stop him from getting in his fours so he can get slammed against the sofa.