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Sasha Grey sharing a big load with Sunny Lane


Good afternoon everyone, today we bring you two teens that share everything, even cocks. These two sluts couldn’t decide which one of them would fuck the guy they just met, so they decided to have a threesome. These two whores have a thing in common, they like to eat total stranger hard dicks, which they do good, by the way.

The two sluts we’re talking about are Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane, two bitches that like to fuck, and in this scene they fuck, a lot, with the guy they just met. Of course the dude can’t say no to girls like this, so they just lay on their backs in the sofa so the guy can choose what pussy to fuck, and they let him do the work.

In the end Sasha Grey and Sunny Lane get on their knees to blowjob the dude, and he cums on their faces.