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Snow White gets poisoned by the witch


Good afternoon everyone, today we have a good cosplay of an amateur that usually dresses up as fictional characters. This slut wins her every day money doing porn, and she always has funny stories to make us enjoy. This slut has decided this time to dress up as a slutty Snow White, a slut that want to suck a good cock and enjoy. But this time there are no cocks for Snow White, because the evil witch has poisoned her so she only likes pussies.

Because the witch poisoned her, Snow White is pretty hungry for the witch’s pussy, that unlike in the tale, she’s not ugly here, she’s fucking beautiful if I must say. Between these two sluts they make a hot porn scene where you’ll enjoy these hot teens fucking each other like in an erotic tale. Snow White doesn’t stop sucking the witch’s pussy, and at the same time the witch’s doesn’t stop moaning from the pleasure. They end up doing a scissor between the two of them where these two moan and screams with each orgasm.