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White chick argues with her black boyfriend


This girl has got herself in problems, and now she’s arguing with her black boyfriend. She did something with their car and now he won’t let her ride it because he knows she will get in problems. The thing is that she needs that car so she can go tonight with her friends to fuck some guys, but he won’t let her because he smells what she’s been up to. Seeing what is happening she decides to fix this in a way it won’t fail, fucking him.

She begins by going up to him and sucking his cock, he doesn’t want in the beginning but yeah, who will deny the opportunity. She keeps sucking until she tells him to lick her pussy, which he happily agrees. After that he forces her to lay down and she pounds her begging him to stop, but he won’t, he knows she’s been a bad girl. After that she gets her on her fours and he begins to pound her until he cums because he couldn’t handle this white chick’s ass.